Monday, February 1, 2010

Until I find my digital camera, these pictures will suck...

But, I wanted to get at least one product post up, so here goes...

Say hello to my new best friend, Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland palette. This really is a thing of beauty for us collectors. Although it is a bit chintzy that each of the shadows in the palette is a pre-existing shade (hello, UD, could you not come up with just a couple of new shades so that those of us who know and love you don't feel so completely insane for repurchasing a whole palette of stuff we already own?), I love the new names and the design of the palette. I also like the combination of shades. I currently own and love UD Box of Shadows 1 and 2 and this newest addition does not disappoint. The colors are vibrant, silky, and blend-able. I avoid the glitter shades at all costs, but there are enough non-glittery shades to still make this palette worthwhile.

My advice? Run, run, run and purchase this before you regret it once it sells out (and sell out it will). Buyer's remorse is a bitch, but it's nothing compared to Non-buyer's remorse. :P

Until next time,
May you be well
May you be happy
May you be free from suffering

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