Monday, February 1, 2010

Brand New Blog

While this is a new blog for me, I am in no way new to blogging. I have maintained a personal blog on livejournal for almost 10 years now. That blog is all about my life, but I wanted to create a separate blog focused on my biggest addiction and passion...all things beauty and makeup related. Just a little bit about me before we get started...

My name is Dawn and I have loved makeup since my mom used to let me play in her Mary Kay stash. My mom is also a beauty junkie. I still remember her taking me to Bloomingdales on 59th and walking down the cosmetic section where many of the makeup artists knew her by name. I love makeup so much that I even took a job as a part-time sales associate at Sephora just to be able to supplement my addiction with a pretty sweet employee discount. I also used to organize huge beauty events to bring together like-minded addicts in their pursuit of the perfect (insert holy grail product here).

In no way, shape, or form do I consider myself to be an expert, but I am an avid consumer. I tend to shop for the latest and greatest, always in search of that perfect "it" product, whatever that may be. So, feel free to join me in my escapades. I promise to always be as honest as possible when writing my reviews and to give you the most up to date information about new products as they cross my vanity.

Until next time,
May you be well
May you be happy
May you be free from suffering
(a little something I heard in yoga the other day)

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